Saturday, March 7, 2009

get 'em high

for as long as i can remember, whenever i saw/heard/read "saratoga springs" in the media or elsewhere, my stomach dropped and i felt famous. even if there was a story on the local evening news that took place in our town. for some reason, it always invokes a sense of pride -- good news story or bad.

you'd think i'd be over that now that i'm livin' in the big city. lotsa news outta here. ever heard of my friends' neighbor, rod?

anyway, so today i was reading a fantagraphics comic i recently bought from the 25-cent bin (featured in my vlog):

i always check to see when/where my thrifty comic finds were published. and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

stomach dropped. i felt cool by association.

i immediately txted my long-distance crush.
me: i have a fantagraphics comic that is a product of saratoga springs!!!!!
her: WHAT ONE? is it a david greenberger thing?

thunder stolen.

i invited her to move to chicago so we could be comic-reading, taco-eating spinsters TOGETHER. she isn't ready to come out to her family yet, though.


Boner said...

I have a book that's full of quotes from Duplex Planet. SHIT IS GREAT. You should look for the Ernest Noyes Brookings recordings.

ally said...

you should stop controlling me.

paul said...

that's right. take a stand, sister.

Boner said...

Why? So you can slut around like you did before I changed you for the better?

Tinsel Concord said...

i'm convinced the two of us should switch places. to quote a past email of yours, "i'm swimming in a sea of fags." to quote something i've never said before, "i can only seem to get straightboy ass and i'm fucking sick of it bc then they get confused and there' nothing more insulting than a boy that wants to keep talking about and keep telling everyone how much he loves tits/date you in private." it's such a vicious cycle. sleeping with heterosexual men, that is.

sa said...